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The following table lists all submitted algorithm data sets on the bbob-largescale test suite, related to the BBOB workshops together with links to their corresponding papers. In order to sort the table according to some columns, please click on the corresponding table header. If available, the source codes of the algorithms can be downloaded by clicking on the link with the corresponding algorithm name in the second column.

NoAlgorithm (+Code)YearAuthor(s)COCO datarelated PDFs and Remarks
largescale-000CMA2019VarelasdataGECCO 2019 paper
largescale-001LBFGS2019VarelasdataGECCO 2019 paper
largescale-002LMCMA142019VarelasdataGECCO 2019 paper
largescale-003LMCMA172019VarelasdataGECCO 2019 paper
largescale-004R2ES2019VarelasdataGECCO 2019 paper
largescale-005R10ES2019VarelasdataGECCO 2019 paper
largescale-006V2D2019VarelasdataGECCO 2019 paper
largescale-007VD2019VarelasdataGECCO 2019 paper
largescale-008VkD2019VarelasdataGECCO 2019 paper
largescale-009m2DLBFGS2019VarelasdataGECCO 2019 paper
largescale-010sepCMA2019VarelasdataGECCO 2019 paper
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