This is the BBOB 2010 download page. The most recent BBOB version can be found here.

BBOB 2010 (Version 10.2, 3.6MB) is all that is needed to run the benchmarking experiments, prepare a single-algorithm workshop paper (comparing to data obtained during BBOB-2009) or compare two or more benchmarked algorithms.

BBOB-2010 tarball (34MB) is the full tarball with all technical documentations and presentation of the functions. It contains all files listed below.

  • CODE:
    • tar code in Matlab/Octave
    • tar code in C
    • tar code in C++ (still in BETA)
    • tar code in Java
    • tar post-processing in Python (3.1MB)
  • DOCS:
    • pdf description of experimental procedure
    • pdf (13MB) noiseless functions documentation with figures
    • pdf noiseless functions documentation, version without figures
    • pdf (20MB) noisy function documentation with figures
    • pdf noisy function documentation, version without figures
    • pdf software user documentation
    • html post-processing package documentation

BUGS for older versions:

  • Bugs in version 10.1:
    • Post-processing: the significance test in Figure 1 of the comparison template is wrongly computed.
    • Post-processing: running the runcomp2 routine with input parameters path0/samefoldername and path1/samefoldername processed only one data set.
    • Java code: the attributes of JNIfgeneric.Params were not modifiable from outside the javabbob package.
  • Bug in version 10.0:
    • ECDF figures: data of the entries in 2009 were represented in a wrong manner, making them appear better than they actually were.
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