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-This is the BBOB 2010 download page.+This is the BBOB 2010 download page. The most recent BBOB version can be found [[http://coco.gforge.inria.fr/doku.php?id=downloads|here]].
-[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.0beta/bboball10.0beta.tar.gz|BBOB 2010 (Version 10.0beta)]] (30MB) is all that you need to prepare a workshop paper and contains all files listed below+[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.2/bbobexp10.2.tar.gz|BBOB 2010 (Version 10.2, 3.6MB)]] is all that is needed to run the benchmarking experiments, prepare a single-algorithm workshop paper (comparing to data obtained during BBOB-2009) or compare two or more benchmarked algorithms.  
 +[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.2/bboball10.2.tar.gz|BBOB-2010 tarball (34MB)]] is the full tarball with all technical documentations and presentation of the functions. It contains all files listed below.
   * CODE:   * CODE:
-    *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.0beta/bbobmatlab.tar.gz|tar]] code in Matlab/Octave  +    *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.2/bbobmatlab.tar.gz|tar]] code in Matlab/Octave  
-    *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.0beta/bbobc.tar.gz|tar]] code in C  +    *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.2/bbobc.tar.gz|tar]] code in C 
-    *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.0beta/bbobjava.tar.gz|tar]] code in Java+    *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.2/bbobcpp.tar.gz|tar]] code in C++ (still in BETA) 
 +    *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.2/bbobjava.tar.gz|tar]] code in Java 
 +    *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.2/bbobpproc.tar.gz|tar]] post-processing in Python (3.1MB)
   * DOCS:   * DOCS:
-      *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.0beta/bbobdocexperiment.pdf|pdf]] description of experimental procedure   +      *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.2/bbobdocexperiment.pdf|pdf]] description of experimental procedure   
-      *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.0beta/bbobdocfunctions.pdf|pdf]] (13MB) noiseless functions documentation with figures +      *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.2/bbobdocfunctions.pdf|pdf]] (13MB) noiseless functions documentation with figures 
-      *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.0beta/bbobdocfunctionsdef.pdf|pdf]] noiseless functions documentation, version without figures +      *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.2/bbobdocfunctionsdef.pdf|pdf]] noiseless functions documentation, version without figures 
-      *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.0beta/bbobdocnoisyfunctions.pdf|pdf]] (20MB) noisy function documentation with figures       +      *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.2/bbobdocnoisyfunctions.pdf|pdf]] (20MB) noisy function documentation with figures       
-      *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.0beta/bbobdocnoisyfunctionsdef.pdf|pdf]] noisy function documentation, version without figures   +      *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.2/bbobdocnoisyfunctionsdef.pdf|pdf]] noisy function documentation, version without figures   
-      *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.0beta/bbobdocsoftware.pdf|pdf]] software user documentation  +      *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.2/bbobdocsoftware.pdf|pdf]] software user documentation   
 +      *[[http://coco.lri.fr/BBOB-downloads/download10.2/pydoc/bbob_pproc.html|html]] post-processing package documentation
 \\ \\
 \\ \\
 BUGS for older versions: BUGS for older versions:
-  * **Bug in version 3.51**: The following error could occur due to the use of the 3.51 code and numpy version 1.0.4. +  * **Bugs in version 10.1**: 
-<code> +     Post-processingthe significance test in Figure 1 of the comparison template is wrongly computed
-Traceback (most recent call last): +     Post-processingrunning the runcomp2 routine with input parameters path0/samefoldername and path1/samefoldername processed only one data set  
-File "bbob_pproc/run.py", line 307, in sys.exit(main()) +     * Java code: the attributes of JNIfgeneric.Params were not modifiable from outside the javabbob package. 
-File "bbob_pproc/run.py", line 234, in main verbose) + 
-File "bbob_pproc/../bbob_pproc/ppfigdim.py", line 236, in main valuesOfInterest[i]) +  * **Bug in version 10.0**: 
-File "bbob_pproc/../bbob_pproc/ppfigdim.py", line 184, in generateData res.append(bootstrap.prctile(data[1:indexEntry.nbRuns()+1], 50)[0]) +     * ECDF figures: data of the entries in 2009 were represented in a wrong mannermaking them appear better than they actually were. 
-File "bbob_pproc/../bbob_pproc/bootstrap.py", line 195, in prctile x = [d for d in x if not numpy.isnan(d[0]) and d is not None] +
-TypeError: 'numpy.float64' object is unsubscriptable. +
-</code> +
-To fix this bug update numpy or bbob_pproc.  +
-  **Bug in version up to 3.51**: due to a bug in the post-processing module does the RT-column of the tables in the workshop papers not show the average number of function evaluations of all ''Nsucc'' successful trials, but, by mistake, the average number of ''Nsucc'' //arbitrary// trials. Additionally, the last entry in the column, when it is showing the median number of function evaluations of all unsuccessful trials, can be up to 12% too small+
-  **Bug-fix for version 3.4**fixes the formatting of the output tables. The issue occurs if the maximum number of function evaluations is greater than ten million and results in tables placed one above the other instead of next to each otherThis issue can be solved by placing {{:download3.4:pptex.py|this pptex.py}} file in bbob.vX.Y/python/bbob_pproc replacing the old one, or otherwise using the new version of the post-processing above. The post-processing must be re-run afterwards+
-  * **Bug-fix for version 3.3**: for the noisy testbed some figure labels occur to have the wrong function names. This issue can be solved by placing {{:download3.4:benchmarkshortinfos.txt|this benchmarkshortinfos.txt}} file in bbob.vX.Y/python/bbob_pproc replacing the old oneor otherwise using the new version of the post-processing above. The post-processing must be re-run afterwards+
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