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 +== How to submit papers for the BBOB-2015 workshop ==
 +In order to submit your BBOB-2015 workshop paper, we ask authors to follow the following procedure:
 +For each single paper submission (in addition to submitting the paper itself):
 +  - prepare an archive with the following files:
 +    * paper as pdf (required),
 +    * corresponding raw data (required if applicable),
 +    * algorithm source code or library (optional, but desired), including make files and/or calling script(s) like exampleexperiment.*. If a commercial optimizer was used, only the calling script(s) should be submitted.
 +  - upload the archive to a site of your choice, for example
 +    * https://mega.co.nz (no login required, encrypted) or 
 +    * https://www.dropbox.com/ 
 +  - email the download link to bbob _at_ lri.fr together with the paper in pdf format, paper title, and author names
 +Submission deadline is April 8, 2015.
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