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This is the CEC-BBOB 2015 download page (v15.00). Besides the standard BBOB setting, we encourage submissions with small budgets on the noise-free testbed (f1-f24) or the noisy testbed (f101-f130). However, please note that the LaTeX templates for the comparison of two algorithms are not yet provided and will follow in the next release. For the moment, please use the single algorithm or the many algorithms templates in the CEC subfolder (the current documentation wrongly suggests to use the ACM style templates templateBBOB*.tex).

BBOB (6MB) is all that is needed to run the benchmarking experiments and compile a workshop paper (gathering post-processed results).

BBOB (36MB) contains all files, as listed below.

  • CODE:
    • tar code in Matlab/Octave to run experiments
    • tar code in C to run experiments
    • tar code in Java to run experiments
    • tar code in Python to run experiments and post-processing and latex templates (3MB)
    • tar code in R to run experiments
  • Latex templates for the workshop:
    • tar BBOB specific latex templates
    • pdf description of experimental procedure
    • pdf (12MB) noiseless functions documentation with figures
    • pdf noiseless functions documentation, version without figures
    • pdf (20MB) noisy function documentation with figures
    • pdf noisy function documentation, version without figures
    • pdf software user documentation
    • html online post-processing package documentation and more

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