How to submit papers for the CEC-BBOB-2015 special session

While all papers have to be submitted via the normal CEC'2015 submission system at (please choose “SS23. CEC Black Box Optimization Benchmarking 2015”), we ask authors to follow an additional procedure regarding the data:

For each single paper submission (in addition to submitting the paper itself):

  1. prepare an archive with the following files:
    • paper as pdf (required),
    • corresponding raw data (required if applicable),
    • algorithm source code or library (optional, but desired), including make files and/or calling script(s) like exampleexperiment.*. If a commercial optimizer was used, only the calling script(s) should be submitted.
  2. upload the archive to a site of your choice, for example
  3. email the download link to bbob _at_, mentioning paper title and authors

Submission deadline is December 19, 2014 extended until January 16, 2015 January 23, 2015

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