This is the old COCO download page. Please note that we moved in 2015 to github (see our web page there) where you find the newest version of the code. Although this page here will remain to offer access to the last version before the move, we recommend to use the newest version.

Last release: November 17, 2015 v15.03 (svn version info)

BBOB (6MB) is all that is needed to run the benchmarking experiments and compile a template paper (gathering post-processed results).

BBOB (36MB) contains all files, as listed below.

  • CODE:
    • tar code in Matlab/Octave to run experiments
    • tar code in C to run experiments
    • tar code in Java to run experiments
    • tar code in Python to run experiments and post-processing and latex templates (3MB)
    • tar code in R to run experiments
  • DOCS:
    • pdf description of experimental procedure
    • Noiseless functions documentation
      • pdf with figures (12MB)
      • pdf without figures
    • Noisy functions documentation
      • pdf with figures (20MB)
      • pdf without figures
    • pdf software user documentation
    • html online post-processing package documentation

For reporting bugs or feature requests and to see the current list of known issues, please visit our bug tracking system.

NEW FEATURES AND BUGFIXES in release 15.03 (Nov 17, 2015) in comparison to 15.02 (Dec 10, 2014):

  • cosmetics of some figures
  • minor bugfixes
  • consistency check
  • rld-single-fcts functionality added
  • LaTeX templates corrected
  • cleanup rungenerics options
  • skip data extraction if already extracted
  • new html output
  • fixed unit tests
  • allow to compare more than 52 algorithms

BUGS for older versions:

  • Bugs in version 15.01:
    • CPU Timing section in LaTeX templates had no text
    • and consistency_check() not fully consistent with arbitrary folder structure and 2009 setting respectively
  • Bugs in version 15.00:
    • compare two algorithm templates did not support expensive setting
    • CEC LaTeX templates for two algorithm comparison not available
  • Bugs in version 13.09:
    • Several inconsistencies in LaTeX templates with expensive setting
  • Bugs in version 13.08:
    • Typos in the R version for running experiments
  • Bugs in version 13.07:
    • Too small lower y-limit for the display in scaling figures (ppfigdim)
  • Bugs in version 13.05:
    • Data consistency check produces an error instead of a warning (self.funcId instead of str(self.funcId) is attempted to print)
  • Bugs in version 13.04:
    • Data from trials for the same function and dimension that are distributed over several folders in a deep folder structure are possibly not read in correctly.
  • Bugs in version 13.03:
    • The computation of maximal function evaluations for a single run was based on the last reached target. Reverted to the true maximal evaluations iff the final target was not reached.
  • Bugs in version 13.01/2:
    • the (last) data entry to reach the final target has been cut away during read-in. This could have significant effects on the displays, in particular for algorithms that improved largely in this step.
  • Bugs in version 10.71?-12.xx:
    • zero or negative f-values were replace by 1 in the ECDF plots. This is likely to have only had small effects in the display.
  • Bugs in version 11.05:
    • BBOB R package became incompatible due to a not backwards compatible change in the API
  • Bugs in version 11.04:
    • bug in
    • bug in templateBBOB*.tex with Windows-paths
  • Bugs in version 11.01:
    • post-processcing: some wrong captions
  • Bugs in version 11.00:
    • Bugs in exampletiming.*: wrong test function
    • python experiments: renamed cocoexp to fgeneric
  • Bugs in version 10.74:
    • Bugs in latex templates
  • Bugs in version 10.71:
    • Bug in
  • Bugs in version 10.6:
    • Post-processing: Bug in comparison tables which results in displaying 0.00 when ERT ratio is smaller than 0.01 (more than 100 times faster than the best algorithm from BBOB 2009)
    • Post-processing: Bug when changing the reference algorithm
  • Bugs in version 10.4 and 10.5:
    • Post-processing: Major bug that results in an underestimation of ERT. It is strongly recommended to upgrade to v10.6.
  • Bugs in version 10.4:
    • Post-processing: bug in bbob_pproc.comp2.pprldistr2 and potential bug with matplotlib 1.0.0, wrong data used for representing best BBOB 2009 and 2010
  • Bugs in version 10.2:
    • Post-processing: the significance test vs. the BBOB-2009 entry in Table 1 is wrongly computed when the BBOB-2009 entry did not reach the target function value.
  • Bugs in version 10.1:
    • Post-processing: the significance test in Figure 1 of the comparison template is wrongly computed.
    • Post-processing: running the runcomp2 routine with input parameters path0/samefoldername and path1/samefoldername processed only one data set.
    • Java code: the attributes of JNIfgeneric.Params were not modifiable from outside the javabbob package.
  • Bug in version 10.0:
    • ECDF figures: data of the entries in 2009 were represented in a wrong manner, making them appear better than they actually were.
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