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Preliminary program for the BBOB 2012 workshop, 7th July 2012.

1st session: 8:30 - 10:20
8:30-9:00 BBOB introduction
9:00-9:30 P. Pošík “Towards an Adaptive Differential Evolution”
9:30-10:05 T. Schaul “Benchmarking Natural Evolution Strategies”
10:05-10:20 Special Tutorial
2nd session: 10:40 - 12:30
10:40-10:55 Introduction to noisy functions
10:55-11:35 I. Loshchilov “New surrogate-assisted search control and restart strategies for CMA-ES”
11:40-11:55 V. Melo “Benchmarking the Multi-View Differential Evolution on the Noiseless BBOB-2012 Function Testbed”
12:00-12:20 T. Liao “Black-Box Optimization Benchmarking ACOR algorithm on the Noiseless Function Testbed”
3rd session: 14:00 - 15:50 (short session)
14:00-14:30 C. Voglis “MEMPSODE: An Empirical Assessment of Local Search Algorithm Impact on a Memetic Algorithm using Noiseless Testbed” and “MEMPSODE: Comparing Particle Swarm Optimization and Differential Evolution on a Hybrid Memetic Global Optimization Framework”
14:30-14:55 Y.-C. Chuang “Black-Box Optimization Benchmarking for Noiseless Function Testbed Using Direction-Based RCGA”
14:55-15:10 Highlighted Results
4th session: 16:10 - 18:00
16:10-16:45 D. Brockhoff “Weighted Recombination Evolution Strategies with Mirrored Sampling on the Noiseless BBOB Test Bed”
16:45-16:55 Highlighted Results
16:55-18:00 Panel discussion
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